Friday, 21 December 2012


In order to maintain the synchronous speed under changing load/grid or steam conditions,
the KWU turbine supplied by BHEL at NTPC Korba is equipped with electro-hydraulic
governor; fully backed-up by a hydraulic governor. The measuring and processing of
electrical signal offer the advantages such as flexibility, dynamic stability and simple
representation of complicated functional systems. The integration of electrical and hydraulic
system is an excellent combination with following advantages:

1) Adjustment of droop in fine steps, even during on-load operation.
2) Avoids over speeding of turbine during load throw offs.
3 )Exact load-frequency droop with high sensitivity.
2.1) The main elements of the governing system and the brief description of their
functions are as follows:
1) Remote trip solenoids (RTS).
2) Main trip valves (Turbine trip gear).
3) Starting and Load limit device.
4) Speeder Gear (Hydraulic Governor).
5) Aux. follow-up piston valves.
6) Hydraulic amplifier.
7) Follow-up piston valves.
8) Electro-Hydraulic Converter (EHC).
9) Sequence trimming device.
10) Solenoids for load shedding relay.
11) Test valve.
12) Extraction NRVs and Extraction valve relay
13) Cold Reheat swing-check valve


  1. at 77M 100% ,The aux start up oil generation was stopped. so ETD is de activated as aux start up oil is nil as a result the plunger goes downward and block the control oil to generate TRIP oil. So how Trip oil is responsible for the protection of Turbine?
    Is there any alternate rute to generate trip oil while ETD is not in operation?

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